About Us

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art whose roots can be traced back 2,000 years.

Literally translated, the word “Tang” means Tang Dynasty of China, which reflects the shared cultural background between China and Korea (617-907 AD). “Soo” means hands but it also implies fist, punch, strike or defense. “Do” means way of life or art.

Thus “Tang Soo Do” means the Korean classical martial art which legendarily was influenced by the Tang method of martial art. The exact origin of Tang Soo Do, as well as many martial arts, is obscure, but there are a number of historical theories. The most credible and traditional view though, is that martial arts originated not in any one country but in almost all parts of the globe, as they were needed by primitive peoples for survival.

Tang Soo Do is based on the principles of yielding, circular motion and penetration. Applications of these movements to a body’s weakest points or ‘vital areas’, will have no equal in power or effectiveness.

The reputation for superior kicking techniques and development of the legs is another proud asset of Tang Soo Do.

Initially students come to terms with using their own bodies as an effective self defense platform. As one progresses through the belt system, more and more exacting techniques and self defense applications enter the syllabus, including the use and mastery of various weapons. Initially students learn to respect and control the Bo staff, before moving on to bladed weapons.

Today, the techniques and philosophy of Tang Soo Do are still taught as they were in ancient times. Although the system has adjusted to the physical needs of modern lifestyles. With these skills, we guarantee a method of self defense that has no equal.

Most of all, Tang Soo Do is designed to develop individual character, mental strength, integrity and respect for others.

In Sung Kwan

Our official club name is ‘In Sung Kwan Tang Soo Do’. In Sung Kwan means ‘School for personal development’ and was chosen in recognition of the fact that each and every student training with us has a different reason for training and a different ambition they wish to achieve. With many schools now offering students a ‘Black Belt’ program or similar it is important for us to recognise that for many this may not be the primary reason for taking up the Martial Arts. It could be for self defence or fitness, or perhaps the reason is different but the focus should not always centre on the Black Belt – the Black Belt is an award given to those who have given the correct amount of dedication and effort within Tang Soo Do and should be treated with pride and honour, it is not something that can be ‘Bought’ or sold in a program with a set time in which to achieve it.

We are also known as ‘Cornwall Tang Soo Do’ we are proud of the fact that we can trace our lineage back to the first Instructors of the Art in the region, we are equally as proud of the fact that we can boast an unbroken line of teaching the Art in Cornwall. Our classes have always been here in one form or another.

Although we call ourselves In Sung Kwan our style of Tang Soo Do is still primarily Moo Duk Kwan.

Belt System

Students who enroll in the Tang Soo Do program will progress through a belt system via regular grading exams ( dependant on attendance and ability ). the belt system is as follows.

White, Yellow, Orange, Orange with Tag, Green, Green with Tag, Green with 2 tags, Red, Red with Tag, Red with 2 Tags, Midnight Blue – We use Midnight Blue instead of Black for our Dan Grades. Midnight Blue is used until 4th Dan when the Blue Belt also has a Red stripe through the centre, this is the Masters Belt