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ISK Kids Improving In Leaps And Bounds (and Kicks!)

ISK’s kids classes have swelled in interest and talent recently, so much so that we’ve had to start some new classes!

We’re now very pleased to be able to offer three classes in two different locations in west Cornwall.


TSD Dragons (age 10 – 14) – 6:00 – 6:45 pm @ Centre of Excellence, Redruth.

TSD Tigers & Dragons (age 5 – 14) – 6:00 – 6:45 pm @ Centre of Excellence, Redruth.

TSD Tigers & Dragons (age 5 – 14) – 6:30 – 7:30 pm @ Penryn College

ISK kids class

The classes in Redruth are taught by Mrs Chinn, and those in Penryn by Miss Jahnz. Contact us now by phone, email or via the Contact Us page for more details of how to get your kids involved in our friendly, energetic classes.


Winter Gradings 2011

Toward the end of last year two big gradings were held for ISK Martial Arts.

First up was the second Dan grading of the year, seeing one candidate testing for Second Dan, one for Senior First Dan and a third attempting to make the big leap to First Dan. As always, the grading took place behind closed doors, and what happened behind those doors remains secret for just those in attendance, but suffice to say that these senior grades are most definitely earned and not given or paid-for. End the end of four or five hours of mental and physical battle against themselves and those helping with the grading, they hauled their bodies off home for soak, ready to get up the next day and head to Falmouth for the second of the weekend’s gradings.

The new Performance Centre at Tremough Campus played host to one of the largest gradings ISK have ever seen, and for the first time saw both the Tang Soo Do  and the Doksa Kickboxing students being tested for their new grades. Many TSD students hadn’t seen a Doksa lesson, and to demonstrate just how hard the kickboxers work in their sessions, they graded first. It’s fair to say that after their test I think most people in the hall had a new respect for the programme.

Next up were the Tang Soo Do students, including a large new batch from the Falmouth University club, the new students from the Centre Of Excellence in Redruth and students from Mevagissey too. The testing was very tough and it only got tougher as the grades went up. We’ve been pushing high standards for a long time, and over the last year the testing has become more rigorous and the expectations higher, but despite these demands everyone excelled themselves and we ended the year with a 100% pass rate. This isn’t something we’ve been able to say of every grading in the last year, it just goes to show how much everyone has upped their game.

A very proud group of instructors want to thank everyone for their continued efforts and enthusiasm, and for their help in keeping this club at the very top.


Start 2012 The Right Way

After a phenomenally busy and rewarding year, ISK Martial Arts has opened its doors for the first time in the new year.

If, like us, you’ve had a lazy break, eating and drinking too much and piling on the Christmas pounds, come and see us. Many people turn straight to the gym in the new year with all the good intentions in the world, but unfortunately there’s one inescapable fact: the gym is boring!

Come and try Tang Soo Do or Kickboxing with us and you’ll soon learn that exercise can be varied, sociable, stimulating and inspiring. Having goals and grades to work toward rather than grinding out mile after mile on the treadmill or exercise bike makes an enormous difference, and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to getting out of the house on these dark evenings and working up a sweat.

Your first two lessons this January are FREE, so what have you got to lose?? Class times and locations can be found on the site, or drop us a line and ask any questions you might have.



Autumn Grading 2011

October 16th 2011 saw the first grading to be held at the new Centre of Excellence in Redruth. Students from across Cornwall all came together to take part in the notoriously tough Tang Soo Do grading, in a celebration of everything learned and worked at over the last four or five months.

As ever, the standard was impressively high, with everyone from 10th gup up to 3rd gup passing without referral!

A fantastic effort and Moo Do spirit shown by all, making for one very proud grading panel made up of some of ISK’s Dan grades. Click on the thumbnails below for a full gallery from the day.

[AFG_gallery id='1']


Centre Of Excellence Officially Opens

Saturday’s official opening of the new Centre of Excellence in the heart of Redruth was a resounding success, with people of all ages and backgrounds filling both studios over the course of the day.

Despite the horrible weather outside, people still came to have a look at the newly refurbished academy as the students and instructors put each other through their paces with demonstrations of sparring, kicking, board breaking, forms, self-defence and everything in-between. Plenty of hot tea and coffee helped keep spirits high and hands warm.

The amount of interest from the local people surpassed even our own high expectations, and parents especially were glad to see the emphasis of our teaching on the traditional aspects of our martial arts; respect and discipline.

We love the new T-shirts!

We were lucky enough to have the mayor in attendance to come and see the results of our hard work and long hours spent getting the building ready, and after some kind words (not to mention a few punches thrown by the mayor himself!) we now feel firmly a part of the town and local community.

New students are already coming through the door, with more set to join them in the very near future. If you want to see what the fuss is about, get fit, and learn some valuable life skills, why not come and give it a go yourself? Your first time is free so you’ve got nothing to lose, why not head over to our contact page and take that first step?


Grand Opening – Saturday 24th September

After months of hard work and effort by the students, instructors and friends of the clubs, the new academy will be officially opening its doors to the world on Saturday 24th September.

The day is going to be an Open Day, starting with the official opening by the Mayor of Redruth at 11am, and offering demonstrations, meet and greet sessions and a chance for anyone who wants to get on the mats to give it a go!

Located in the town centre, next to a large car-park, it’s the ideal place for anyone looking to get into martial arts or trying to find something different to keep fit. We’ve got two custom-fitted studios with safe, matted floors, qualified instructors and loads of padded training equipment. Come along and try traditional Korean karate (Tang Soo Do), modern freestyle kickboxing, and soon many other classes too.

We’ll be around until about 5pm on Saturday, so if you’re curious and want to see what all the fuss is about, ask some questions, or just have a cup of tea and a chat, feel free to come and meet us. We’re located directly above Wilkinsons in the middle of Fore Street in Reduth, right next to the large council car park. We hope to see you all there!


World Champions!

ISK Martial Arts sent a well trained team to compete in the World Wide Tang Soo Do Family World Championships, held in Florida, USA. Well, the team has just returned home after their 2 week adventure with outstanding results.

The club did fantastically, with 9 gold medals, 6 silver and 6 bronze, meaning that we not only came home with a grand total of 21 medals, but also with 9 World Champions! These medals were won across all levels – gup grade, dan grade and masters, and in all disciplines (forms, sparring, team competition).

It’s not uncommon to see martial arts competitions billed as ‘World Championships’ and end up with a smaller number of competitors than some local ones, but the level of achievement here shouldn’t be underestimated. Hundreds of competitors from all over the world were in attendance, and bringing any kind of medal home was an achievement, never mind actually winning some categories!

The EMTF competitiors and instructors get together

Master James says after the competition ‘We trained the team hard, and the results reflect this. A lot of time and effort was put into the planning of the trip and the preparation of the students and I’m extremely proud of the results, Europe really came together in this event and we have cemented our relationships with the rest of the EMTF contingent. We truly were one big family out there and looked after each other, it was a fantastic success all round.’

The jet-lagged team now have a couple of weeks off before training starts again towards the British and European Championships, with an eye on continuing ISK’s winning streak.



We’re Off To The Worlds!

Over the course of the next few days, a large contingent of ISK Martial Arts’ students and instructors are flying out to Florida to take part in the 2nd Biennial World Wide Tang Soo Do Family International Championship.

Representatives from all of our local clubs are heading out to represent ISK, Cornwall, Team GB and Europe as a whole, as a part of the larger EMTF squad.

A massive GOOD LUCK to all those taking part, regardless of where they come from or who they represent (but still try to bring us home some silverwear eh guys?)

For those of us enjoying(?) the Cornish summer while the rest are away, we’ll be running a combined schedule of normal training at the new Academy in Redruth. Please contact your instructor to find out times and locations.


A New Beginning

The new ISK Martial Arts academy opened its doors for training for the first time yesterday, the end result of a solid week of hard graft by the instructors and students.

Studio One - The first thing you see when entering the academy

There was a bit of last-minute fiddling to finish the matting and make sure it was ready to train in, but we’re delighted to say we’ve had our first lesson with students from all over the county.

The view walking into Studio Two from Studio One

In typical fashion, we chose one of the hottest evenings of the year to train, but what better way to ‘wet the baby’s head’ than to work up a proper sweat and get the place used to the sort of effort it’s going to see day in, day out for the next few years. Tang Soo Do has come to Redruth and it’s not going anywhere.

The view back across towards the door to Studio One

The people of Redruth have a new noise to listen for in the evenings now, the sound of dedicated martial artists bellowing kihaps out. We’re here to stay, so come and join us, meet some of the nicest people you’re ever likely to, get fit and have a great time.

Hot, sweaty, tired, and very happy. The first class in the new academy pose for the camera.

We’ll be holding an ‘official’ opening and open day sometime in the coming weeks, once a few last things behind the scenes are finished, more details as and when we have them.

Tang Soo!


Academy Renovations – Progress!

The work and improvements are continuing in the new academy at a frightening pace, you wouldn’t recognise it as the same building we took the keys to a week ago.

Walls all white, much brighter and cleaner

The two-tone mixture of navy and aqua-blue that was painted on nearly every surface is gone, replaced by coat after coat of fresh, white paint. Even without electricity (which is another story altogether), it’s already a lot brighter and looking a lot bigger.

That dingy back room looks a lot better (despite the rubbish phone camera photo)

We still plan to get in for an inaugural session this Wednesday, and despite it possibly being by candlelight at this rate, it should be a good turn-out and a great way to celebrate a lot of hard work and pulling together to make it all happen.