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25th Anniversary Celebrations

To mark 25 years of Cornwall Tang Soo Do, founding instructor Alan Fry travelled back to Cornwall to teach the Korean martial art to a new generation of students.

Though he hadn’t taught a Tang Soo Do class in some years, Mr Fry quickly fell back into his teaching role and covered a great range of skills and drills in the two hour seminar hosted at Redruth School.

Accompanying the current students, a number of ex-students were invited along for the day, some taking part while others were happy just to watch.

The day started with Master Robert James taking the students through a warm-up and stretch and introducing Mr Fry, who first introduced him to Tang Soo Do in 1992, four years after founding the first Tang Soo Do club in the county.

After giving a brief history of Tang Soo Do, and saying that he was very pleased that the club had retained the Cornwall Tang Soo Do title, Mr Fry demonstrated a number of traditional martial arts techniques and managed to pack an enormous amount of content into the seminar.

To round the day off, the celebrations were continued with a party held in Mr Fry’s honour at the Lowenac Hotel in Camborne.

The club presented Mr Fry with a plaque to commemorate all his work for the club over the years. Ben Leonard, who recently attained the grade of 3rd Dan black belt, was also presented with a certificate for reaching his new grade, the highest so far awarded by the club.

Master Robert James, 5th degree black belt and founder of ISK Martial Arts (incorporating Cornwall Tang Soo Do) said that he was reminded of how important Tang Soo Do is.

He said:

How important the past, present and future is, how everyone is important on this journey and how incredibly proud and lucky I am. It was a very emotional and equally brilliant day with my Cornwall Tang Soo Do family. Thank you Alan Fry for the seminar and party. And to all the students who work so hard and make me look so good. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch.



Winter Grading ’13

Just two weeks after the inaugural ISK Interclub tournament, barely enough time for sore muscles to heal, today saw ISK gup students congregate back at Redruth School once again for the ISK winter grading. Students from all ISK clubs, in Redruth, Truro, Falmouth and Penryn came to test for their next rank. For many, this was their first taste of an ISK grading, as 10 beginners in white belts took their first ever gup test to earn their yellow belts. At the other end of the scale were 4th gup students testing for red belts.

Standards were extremely high, and the tests were tough as usual, but the students rose to the challenge with exceptionally high marks across the board. After 3 hours of testing, Master James gave a Tang Soo Do class for all students to round the day off with a real mixture of techniques from strikes, to kicks to pressure points and more. Everyone left with a few bruises, a few sore muscles but a sense of achievement and big smiles all round!

Thanks to Redruth school for the use of their excellent facilities once again.



ISK’s First Interclub Tournament a Success

ISK Martial Arts hosted our first ever interclub tournament yesterday to resounding success. With over 45 competitors from ISK clubs across mid-Cornwall, the hall at Redruth school was packed with martial artists young and old, and a fantastic level of support from many spectators created a fantastic atmosphere.


Categories included children’s forms, one-step and sparring, adults forms, traditional points fighting and light/semi contact kickboxing, and of course the hotly contested black belt categories.

For many competitors this friendly tournament was their first taste of competitive martial arts, while for others it was a chance to hone their skills and continue their training towards next year’s British and European Championships. Several black belts competing this Sunday were on the British team at the Tang Soo Do World Championships in Rotterdam last month.

Master Robert James, 5th degree black belt and founder of ISK Martial Arts, said that there was “A great atmosphere throughout the competition and a fantastic standard of Forms and Sparring performances. What was especially nice about this event was the absence of any ego or aggression, everyone competed with an essence of friendship, upholding the morals and ethos of the club. A huge success for the club and the first of many to come.”

Rebecca Busby, winner of the children's sparring

Rebecca Busby, winner of the children’s sparring

This tournament is the first of what will become a regular event for ISK Martial Arts, with the next one planned for next April as a warm up for next year’s British and European Tang Soo Do Championships.


ISK Kids Improving In Leaps And Bounds (and Kicks!)

ISK’s kids classes have swelled in interest and talent recently, so much so that we’ve had to start some new classes!

We’re now very pleased to be able to offer three classes in two different locations in west Cornwall.


TSD Dragons (age 10 – 14) – 6:00 – 6:45 pm @ Centre of Excellence, Redruth.

TSD Tigers & Dragons (age 5 – 14) – 6:00 – 6:45 pm @ Centre of Excellence, Redruth.

TSD Tigers & Dragons (age 5 – 14) – 6:30 – 7:30 pm @ Penryn College

ISK kids class

The classes in Redruth are taught by Mrs Chinn, and those in Penryn by Miss Jahnz. Contact us now by phone, email or via the Contact Us page for more details of how to get your kids involved in our friendly, energetic classes.


Nominate us for Club of the Year!


Great news! We have been nominated for Club of the Year at the Cornwall Sports Awards 2012. As a club we are really chuffed because it’s recognition for the hours of work the seniors put in behind the scenes to make things run smoothly and to teach the highest quality Tang Soo Do and Kickboxing that we can!

To turn that nomination into an award we are asking all friends, family and all generous strangers to vote for us! To vote, simply text DC SPORTS 1008 plus ‘your name’ and ‘your postcode’ to 65100. Texts cost 50p and you can vote as many times as you like.

Voting closes 18th October.


Spring Gradings!

The start of June saw two very special events take place over a weekend. On a wet and windy Friday night, six students arrived at our dojang with sleeping bags to begin their Tang Soo Do Dan testing. The candidates were required to spend the night in the dojang, before embarking on a morning of preparation and last minute revision, including cleaning the dojang from top to bottom. The physical examination then took place. As with all our Dan testings, the details of the event are kept secret, but it is safe to say the candidates were rigorously tested on all aspects of Tang Soo Do. Of the six candidates, two (Aaron Dee & Angus Vantoch-Wood) were attempting the massive leap from 1st Gup to 1st Dan. Three (Dominic Lewis, Joanne Chinn & Elly Jahnz) were testing for their Senior 1st Dan and one (Adam Richards) was testing for his 2nd Dan. This was the largest Dan testing ISK has seen, and the standard was incredibly high. Everyone fought hard and performed well and it was with great emotion that it was announced at the end of the testing that everyone had passed. Blood, sweat, tears & broken glass – no-one does black belt testings quite like ISK Martial Arts!

The next day saw around thirty Tang Soo Do & Doksa Kickboxing students going for their next gup grade. Students came from all of ISK’s clubs, from Redruth, Mevagissey, Falmouth & Penryn. It was a long day for all involved (not least the Dan candidates who were involved in judging and helping out) but the standard was as always exceptionally high. Regardless of if a student was going for that first yellow belt, or testing for their 1st Gup they put in 100% effort and demonstrated good martial spirit. A big thank you to Redruth School who allowed us to use their sports hall for the day. Even better was that it came equipped with a stage, meaning the testing panel could sit above everyone and get a good view of the proceedings. We are pleased to announce that everyone passed! Well done all!



European Championships 2012


A team of ISK’s finest made the trip to Hagen, Germany in May to take part in the European Tang Soo Do Championships. Although the team from Cornwall was small in comparison to some of the other teams, they certainly proved that they could punch well above their weight. A total of twenty eight trophies were won by the team, a testament to all the hard work and training put in during the build up to the event. The participants competed across a range of disciplines, including sparring, traditional forms, chil sung forms and weapons.

Chief instructor Master Robert James who lead the team by winning 2 Grand Championship trophies at the events highest levels commented “I am immensely proud of my students, not only how they competed but also the way in which they represented the club and carried the spirit of the event. We have shown repeatedly that Cornwall is a force to be reckoned with in Tang Soo Do, and this further cements our reputation as one of the best clubs in Europe.”

The competition was attended by martial artists from all over the European Union, including Poland, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Holland. All the teams performed to the high standard we have come to expect from EMTF events, and it was great to see old friends and make new ones.

Although it’s not all about medals, we’re pleased to say that everyone from Cornwall who competed came away with at least one medal, and sterling performances were put in by all. The team are now setting their sights on the upcoming British Tang Soo Do championships held in October in Bedford.


Winter Gradings 2011

Toward the end of last year two big gradings were held for ISK Martial Arts.

First up was the second Dan grading of the year, seeing one candidate testing for Second Dan, one for Senior First Dan and a third attempting to make the big leap to First Dan. As always, the grading took place behind closed doors, and what happened behind those doors remains secret for just those in attendance, but suffice to say that these senior grades are most definitely earned and not given or paid-for. End the end of four or five hours of mental and physical battle against themselves and those helping with the grading, they hauled their bodies off home for soak, ready to get up the next day and head to Falmouth for the second of the weekend’s gradings.

The new Performance Centre at Tremough Campus played host to one of the largest gradings ISK have ever seen, and for the first time saw both the Tang Soo Do  and the Doksa Kickboxing students being tested for their new grades. Many TSD students hadn’t seen a Doksa lesson, and to demonstrate just how hard the kickboxers work in their sessions, they graded first. It’s fair to say that after their test I think most people in the hall had a new respect for the programme.

Next up were the Tang Soo Do students, including a large new batch from the Falmouth University club, the new students from the Centre Of Excellence in Redruth and students from Mevagissey too. The testing was very tough and it only got tougher as the grades went up. We’ve been pushing high standards for a long time, and over the last year the testing has become more rigorous and the expectations higher, but despite these demands everyone excelled themselves and we ended the year with a 100% pass rate. This isn’t something we’ve been able to say of every grading in the last year, it just goes to show how much everyone has upped their game.

A very proud group of instructors want to thank everyone for their continued efforts and enthusiasm, and for their help in keeping this club at the very top.


Start 2012 The Right Way

After a phenomenally busy and rewarding year, ISK Martial Arts has opened its doors for the first time in the new year.

If, like us, you’ve had a lazy break, eating and drinking too much and piling on the Christmas pounds, come and see us. Many people turn straight to the gym in the new year with all the good intentions in the world, but unfortunately there’s one inescapable fact: the gym is boring!

Come and try Tang Soo Do or Kickboxing with us and you’ll soon learn that exercise can be varied, sociable, stimulating and inspiring. Having goals and grades to work toward rather than grinding out mile after mile on the treadmill or exercise bike makes an enormous difference, and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to getting out of the house on these dark evenings and working up a sweat.

Your first two lessons this January are FREE, so what have you got to lose?? Class times and locations can be found on the site, or drop us a line and ask any questions you might have.



Autumn Grading 2011

October 16th 2011 saw the first grading to be held at the new Centre of Excellence in Redruth. Students from across Cornwall all came together to take part in the notoriously tough Tang Soo Do grading, in a celebration of everything learned and worked at over the last four or five months.

As ever, the standard was impressively high, with everyone from 10th gup up to 3rd gup passing without referral!

A fantastic effort and Moo Do spirit shown by all, making for one very proud grading panel made up of some of ISK’s Dan grades. Click on the thumbnails below for a full gallery from the day.

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