Spring Gradings!

The start of June saw two very special events take place over a weekend. On a wet and windy Friday night, six students arrived at our dojang with sleeping bags to begin their Tang Soo Do Dan testing. The candidates were required to spend the night in the dojang, before embarking on a morning of preparation and last minute revision, including cleaning the dojang from top to bottom. The physical examination then took place. As with all our Dan testings, the details of the event are kept secret, but it is safe to say the candidates were rigorously tested on all aspects of Tang Soo Do. Of the six candidates, two (Aaron Dee & Angus Vantoch-Wood) were attempting the massive leap from 1st Gup to 1st Dan. Three (Dominic Lewis, Joanne Chinn & Elly Jahnz) were testing for their Senior 1st Dan and one (Adam Richards) was testing for his 2nd Dan. This was the largest Dan testing ISK has seen, and the standard was incredibly high. Everyone fought hard and performed well and it was with great emotion that it was announced at the end of the testing that everyone had passed. Blood, sweat, tears & broken glass – no-one does black belt testings quite like ISK Martial Arts!

The next day saw around thirty Tang Soo Do & Doksa Kickboxing students going for their next gup grade. Students came from all of ISK’s clubs, from Redruth, Mevagissey, Falmouth & Penryn. It was a long day for all involved (not least the Dan candidates who were involved in judging and helping out) but the standard was as always exceptionally high. Regardless of if a student was going for that first yellow belt, or testing for their 1st Gup they put in 100% effort and demonstrated good martial spirit. A big thank you to Redruth School who allowed us to use their sports hall for the day. Even better was that it came equipped with a stage, meaning the testing panel could sit above everyone and get a good view of the proceedings. We are pleased to announce that everyone passed! Well done all!