Start 2012 The Right Way

After a phenomenally busy and rewarding year, ISK Martial Arts has opened its doors for the first time in the new year.

If, like us, you’ve had a lazy break, eating and drinking too much and piling on the Christmas pounds, come and see us. Many people turn straight to the gym in the new year with all the good intentions in the world, but unfortunately there’s one inescapable fact: the gym is boring!

Come and try Tang Soo Do or Kickboxing with us and you’ll soon learn that exercise can be varied, sociable, stimulating and inspiring. Having goals and grades to work toward rather than grinding out mile after mile on the treadmill or exercise bike makes an enormous difference, and you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to getting out of the house on these dark evenings and working up a sweat.

Your first two lessons this January are FREE, so what have you got to lose?? Class times and locations can be found on the site, or drop us a line and ask any questions you might have.